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             Like anything else we encounter in Scouting (Or even in everyday life for that matter),  practice make perfect.  You will want to not only assemble your service, but practice to make the best impact that you can.  We have assembled a variety of tools to help you create your service. 

             Here you will find a planning worksheet that is helpful in planning the ceremony.  You can choose which aspect of the plan best fits your own service.

You can use a number of items in your service, including  songs, inspirational readings and stories.

             May people ask, ‘How do you begin?”  One rule of thought  is to begin by picking a theme.  Services held by religious denominations usually follow a thematic structure and we have found this technique works quite well.  Your theme can be based on seasons, holidays or current events. We have also used themes that reflect scouting ideals such as leadership, cooperation and respect. Basically any theme that is appropriate can be used!


Here are some general definitions you may come across in planning your service:

Call to Worship:  Reaching out to individuals and the community with a message of God's love is what the Great Commission is all about.

Invocation: the act of calling upon a spirit by incantation.

Inspirational Story:  Tales of thoughts that inspire emotion or reaction.

Responsive Reading:  A leader reads a line of scripture and the audience reads a response.

Download a work sheet here:

Official Scouting Interfaith Services recommended Outline










You can down load the worksheet here. 

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Interfaith worship Service